Last month, the day Dr Yunus won the Nobel Prize, I posted a blog about an incident in gold coast of Australia. A Bangladeshi family was in turmoil, the mother was stabbed to death; a father was in hospital critically injured and a daughter, was screaming out in the street. Police, the western media and the world blogosphere picked up the story as an attempt of honor killing of the daughter who wanted to convert to Christianity. As I monitored this news in the blogosphere, I was amazed to see that within hours the news was first published in the local newspaper, it was picked up by bloggers all over the world, from Alaska to Adelaide, India to Israel. All used the story to, again, smear religion Islam with headings like, ” Honor killing in Australia”, Muslim Religion blamed for fatal stabbing“, “Whoever changes his Islamic religion, then kill him,”, ” Father tries to kill daughter who wants to leave Islam” etc…..

Well, almost a month later, the truth is surfacing. And occasionally truth is stranger than fiction. The father, a physician, was almost killed. After surviving miraculously,  he, with two stab wound on the heart, finally could talk to police last week. The police arrested the teenage daughter. A lot of material on “how to kill the parents” was found at her room. It was reported that the daughter with the help of her drug addict local boyfriend planned the murder.

“ Muslim Religion” had nothing to do with all these mayhem.