Sunday, October 29th, 2006

Dhaka, Oct 29 ( – The Awami League Sunday night lent quiet support to President Iajuddin Ahmed taking over as head of the caretaker administration and said it was up to him to prove if he was “acceptable”.

“It’s not about accepting him or not. At least not for now … He did not go by the constitution … now that he has taken over we’ll wait and see. It’s now up to him to prove if he is acceptable,”

“We wanted him to appoint a caretaker government by Sunday. He’s done that. But if he hadn’t made himself the head of caretakers, it would have been better.

“He’s violated the constitution which he’s pledge-bound to uphold. There were options in the constitution.”

Hasina criticised the way the President handled the swearing-in ceremony. She said she had received the invitation card “only five minutes before the ceremony”.

“We could have welcomed him if he had done that following the principles of the constitution.”


BNP betrayed with democracy and started the process to kill what remaining of it we had.

Awami League is a pathetic failure, failing to deliver any hope for the country.

Now President took over the CTG.

A Supreme Court petition is coming. For sure. ( Or very less likely, AL will accept Iazuddin, demand removal of CEC and other EC etc)

What our Supreme Court can do?

By constitution, is it true no one can sue the president? I know at least he can not be held in contempt of court. So does that that mean he does not have to listen to Supreme Court directive?

Can Supreme Court then give a guideline, which will save all the faces ( Those needed a salvage) and at the same time ensure a free and a fair election involving all the parties?

Now It’s Official.

Iajuddin Takes oath.

And No advisors has been declared. No word of any cabinet.

Then who runs the government now? Iajuddin alone can’t.

President sworn in as chief of caretaker govt

Opposition absent at ceremony, Khaleda happy; Iajuddin seeks blessings, prepares to name 10 advisers