The 31 point Demand:

There was 31 point election reform demand of 14 party alliance. Let me throw a challenge in this board. Do any of you know what those are? After quite a bit of digging, I could unearth 13 of them.

However, we may not know what the 31 points are, but we know who Justice Hassan is. And we all know that he can not perform his constitutional duty because a major political party has to score a victory.

Justice Hassan:

The closer we get to the moment of truth, the more it gets clear that Justice K M Hassan is not accepting the job which has been mandated to him constitutionally.
He is under immense pressure from, well, everyone but ruling 4 party coalition. So who are these “everyone’? They are all the opposition parties, their B teams, including “Shommilito Shangskritik jote, Shommilito nagorik front, Supreme court bar association, plus, otherwise independent voices like all the major dailies including Daily Star, prothom Alo, Ittefaq etc.

Justice Hassan’s fault? He joined BNP at the time it was formed.

Good Men in Politics?

Now let’s think, my dear friends. We always complain good, educated, honest people don’t come to politics. And at the same time, if someone dare join politics 30 yrs ago, we punish him now! Yes he joined a party at a time, when the secretary was also the brightest physician and medical college professor of that time, and other people to join were legendary diplomat Professor Shamsul Haq, economist Dr Fasihuddin Mahtab, Justice Sattar, journalist Enayetullah Khan et el.

And after that party incident, Justice Hassan has spent a lifetime as a justice maintaining utmost integrity, professionalism, remaining honest, effective and as a great teacher and role model for his colleagues. During Bangabandhu trial, he had to feel embarrassed as one of the accused was his relative. He had no other option but to feel embarrassed in this kind of situation.

The Double Standard:

Do any of us know Professor Muzaffar Ahmed, The trustee of Transparency Intl Bangladesh, leader of Shushil Shamaj, member of CPD? He was a member of Zia cabinet. Did that make him biased towards BNP?

I was a part of a political party during my student life. So am I too politically biased for any constitutional or government post for the rest of my life?

The bankrupt conscience

It is a shame that we, the whole nation run after such an irrational demand and patronize the undemocratic, illogical demands of opposition leadership.

The real reform demands:

When I read the 13 of 31 points, I was very impressed. If those were implemented, our election had no other way but a fair one. Forget Justice Hassan, even S Q Chowdhury would not be able to do any mischief sitting at the care taker government. The election commission would have been totally independent; there would have been transparent ballot box, transparent, scientific voter list and ID card etc.

But in fact nobody wanted an independent election commission.

Only issue, ” Hassan Prosne kono Chhar noy!!!”

The partisan bickering

We, the whole nation, wanted, ONLY, to remove Hassan. That was THE ONLY demand, of
Sheikh Hasina
Rashed Khan Menon
Nasiruddin Yusuf Bachchu
Shahriar Kabir
Barrister Rokonuddin Mahmud
Arefin Siddiki
Ittefaq editor,
Daily Star editor
And the rest of the world….

The unheard Voice

Why could not we have one single sane voice, who would dare say…

Change the system…
Make election commission strong and independent…
Make voter list a scientific and transparent public record…
Ensure an engineering proof election….

The priority:
These all were included in those 31 points
These all should have been the point where there could be no concession, and person Justice Hassan issue should have been the least important issue.

Once we have all the 30 points fulfilled, One person Justice Hassan could have done nothing to rig the election.

And at the end, nation would have gotten an effective election system, like the one they have in India.

The missed opportunity

But our role models, freedom fighter Nasiruddin Yusuf et el, sided more towards a partisan interest, not the interest of the country.

Victry starved Awami League have to score a victory. It’s all about an AL victory. Sheikh Hasina wants, so Justice Hassan must go. And BNP also don’t want to loose. It’s their government! So Hassan must stay.

Justice Hassan probably will go. And that will probably the demise of election reform movement.

The ultimate looser

At the end, the country is the ultimate looser.

Who cares? Hassan is gone. Awami League won!!!