Saturday, October 28th, 2006

The two major warring parties were at a reasonable distance. BNP was stationed in front of their office at Naya (New) Paltan and AL was at Purana (Old) Paltan. And ironically the word Paltan loosely means a military garrison.

While the BNP rally, at New Paltan, absolutely peaceful, was having musical soiree performed by the JSS artists, Awami League gathering was first busy using their energy fighting pitched battle with the police for the control of Purana (Old) Paltan.

And while a disciplined New Paltan Rally, filled with corrupt ministers and MPs, was showcasing a calm, confident, reassuring and stable presence of BNP leadership, Awami League then started an unforeseen violent street battle with Jamaat /Shibir. .

While BNP kept their composure in New Paltan, they sent their smaller B team buddy Jamaat to tackle 14 party.
And 14 party took the bait like a hungry fish. They were seen beating to death two jamaat activists while they themselves lost at least two of their workers to jamaat firearms.
Police as expected kept quite. Babar is still playing his game.

And at the end 14 party was seen fighting a lost battle with political minnows Jamaat.

Jamaat gained back all the ground they lost during the five years in rural Bangladesh, where, religion and Muslim communalism still play a big role in election politics.

The first play of the election Drama has just unfolded.

And while 14 party activsts rests for the night, tired, injured, battle fatigued, Khaleda Zia gives the war call, “respond to them in their own language!”

And another drama unfolds in Bangabhavan. 14 party scores first with K M Hassan declining to take the job. However it gets equalized quickly as BNP reportedly refuses to accept Justice Mahmudul Amin and Justice Hamidul Haq citing constitutional clauses.

In two days a total of 17 souls loss their lives.

The New generation leaders of BNP and Old generation leaders of AL/14 party go back to drawing board for tomorrows plan.

And millions of Dhakaites, sick old men, children, pregnant women, while trying to return home after Eid vacation, remain stranded at roads, ports, rivers, trains.

An election looms nearer, the election between a corrup Naya BNP and a disconnected Purana AL while these few days images will be very fresh in memory.

The 31 point Demand:

There was 31 point election reform demand of 14 party alliance. Let me throw a challenge in this board. Do any of you know what those are? After quite a bit of digging, I could unearth 13 of them.

However, we may not know what the 31 points are, but we know who Justice Hassan is. And we all know that he can not perform his constitutional duty because a major political party has to score a victory.

Justice Hassan:

The closer we get to the moment of truth, the more it gets clear that Justice K M Hassan is not accepting the job which has been mandated to him constitutionally.
He is under immense pressure from, well, everyone but ruling 4 party coalition. So who are these “everyone’? They are all the opposition parties, their B teams, including “Shommilito Shangskritik jote, Shommilito nagorik front, Supreme court bar association, plus, otherwise independent voices like all the major dailies including Daily Star, prothom Alo, Ittefaq etc.

Justice Hassan’s fault? He joined BNP at the time it was formed.