Whoever knows US politics, must know of Karl Rove, the shadowy political advisor of President Bush and the architect of victory in last three elections.

I see a replica of Karl Rove in Haris Chowdhury, the political secretary of Khaleda Zia. Haris Chowdhury does not probably only end up being Khaleda Zia’s political secretary; he is apparently the political guru/coach/philosopher/trainer of Tareque Zia. And at the same time he also plays the role of the con-man of PMO and Hawa Bhavan, e.g. he is responsible for asking money for ‘party fund’ to nomination seekers.

I do not believe Haris Chowdhury wants a solution at the end of Oct 23rd dialogue.

I have been trying to see what’s going on in the head of this guy regarding caretaker government, Justice Hassan and opposition demands.

Khaleda Zia has been quite hawk about the whole reform idea. I feel this is Haris doctrine.
Haris Chy and Jamaat’s Mujahid shares a hawkish stand about opposition demands. As per my assumption, these may all be well calculated moves and traps. And opposition has so far stepped into all the traps set by Haris.
The last trap was the opposition leader Tofayel Ahmed’s declaration that the moment CTG takes oath, there will be lagatar Hartal.

BNP is dying for that. They want AL to do exactly what they are threatening to do, i.e. impose a reign of terror and anarchy over a weak CTG. They want AL to make people suffer with lagatar hartals before Hassan steps down for a compromise candidate. Haris may believe that if Hassan has to go, why should it look like BNPs failure? His thought is, then, let him go at the cost of AL. Haris thinks that’s the only hope of erasing the memory of exorbitant market price, load shedding from peoples mind. This will give BNP time and issue for regrouping before the election campaign. AL called hartals will be fresh in people’s memory and load shedding etc will fall behind those hartal memories.

While trying to fathom th eplans of Haris, I feel hopeless about the prospect of this dialogue. I also hope that my assumptions are wrong. One possible way that will stop Haris plan from working is if Justice Hassan declines to take the job or he does not find enough advisor to run the government.

What do you think about the outcome of Mannan Jalil dialogue?