We had a pre-planned meeting with Mrs Nurjahan Begum of Grameen Shikhkha, the scholarship management program of Grameen Bank for the benefit of underprivileged students .

She offered us to a day long field trip at one of the Grameen locations to see the activities of Grameen. Due to time restraint, we decided to do it the following day. A car was rented, a Grameen Bank officer, MR. Shahabuddin would accompany us to Madhabpur of Singair Thana at Manikganj.

Here is a pictorial essay of the day,
We went deep inside Bangladesh, we drove beside the paddy fields,

We walked through paddy fields

These farmer’s family members get loans for seeds, tractor rent, fertilizer etc.

GS Scholarship recipients, walked miles to meet us

They walked miles to greet us at the Bank office. We found them waiting for us.
As grameen scholarship recipients, their high school and college education expenses are partly met by Grameen education scholarship.

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We talked on unending issues, with the bright grameen scholarship recipients, Mr Shahabuddin, our guide officer and local branch manager shaheb.

Manager shaheb also went through the basics of grameen, all the transaction data,
about policy, rules and regulations.

Grameen education needs much more fund to continue the education of these poor students. If you are interested to participate, please contact Grameen education directly.

We walked further deep in side villages

We went deeper into rural Bangladesh,

Group leader with her appropriate demeanor

the Grameen members local group leader greetd us at the team meeting,

Weekly group meeting in a members home

These meetings are very organized, disciplined and focused.Start with certain lifestyle related exercise.

All transactions happen here
Most of the transactions happen at members homes. A member volunteered to let the team use her place.

All transactions happen here
The village women are very good money managers.

Grameen also helps in small house hold chicken farm

We then walked to the grameen pre-school. These schools are run by grameen education program, for the kids of the members who otherwise will not attend school. These system grooms them for formal schooling.
Another member volunteered her house for that purpose.

We walked into a yard.
Crossed another kitchen
Along a kitchen

Assembly at school
Suddenly around the back of the house, an assembly of preschoolers greeted us,

Classroom assembly

Dps Shumon Jahan with GS village pre-school students
We chatted with them.

Students with their teacher
The teacher went over their home works.

GS student_1
The children were very happy to get us among them.

They studied in the class room.
At grameen's preschool..Need a erasure?
Need an erasure?

At grameen's preschool..No problem
No Problem.

play time
At the end of the academic stuff, the children played. Do any of you want to gift these kids some toys? Please contact grameen shikhkha.

Without Grameen they would have remained illiterate.

We then walked around the village to meet different members,

Her house was built at Grameen's loan

This is her first house. Grameen loan helped her build it.

Across mustard field
We crossed mustard fields.

Through peoples backyards
Through peoples’ backyard.

Sugar cane juice, fresh out of factory!! Another grameen project
Sugar cane juice, fresh out of factory!! Another grameen project. His wife got the loan and now takes care of the 2 month old baby.

Village Tailor.. His mon got the loan off Grameen
Village Tailor.. His mother got the loan off Grameen. Grameen Bank’s Manager Shaheb knows all in the villages in his jurisdiction.

Walked through village road
We walked through the muddy roads,

Grameen loan to a village women helped finance this Bhai Bhai decorator and polli Phone service.

Many rickshaws in this village market are financed by the wife, who happens to be a grameen member
No more beating or leaving the wives. Most of these rickshaw are funded by the wife with Grameen’s loan.

Grameen has 98% rapayment rate
Mother and daughter came to the bank to repay some money. Wasn’t all these the job of the dad and the son?

We then met the members of the Grameen program on beggars. Grameen started this new loan program for the street beggers with the same goal of eradicating poverty.

Former begger

with a small loan, as low as $ 10, these destitute women are now small entrepreneurs, ferrying candy, vegetables from house to house.

Ex beggers..in grameen office

She stopped begging
All her life, since childhood, she lived on peoples’ charity. With help of Grameen, she transitioned slowly from begging to combine begging and ferrying and now as a fulfledged vendor of candy for children.

Raihan, Shumon , Bank Manager and Me

Manager Shabeb greeted us in the morning, accompanied us all day. He knows all the members, their children. He knows about their joy, pain, sorrow.

In the picture, Raihan , Shumon, Manager Shaheb and Me.

Now, after seeing all these pictures will anyone still ask the question why Yunus didn’t get Nobel for economics and why for peace?

We grew up reading of Ishwar Chandra Bidya Shagor, Raja Ram Mohon Roy etc as social reformers. Dr Yunus is another social reformer of equal or better calibre. He is fighting povert, he is winning in every single war. Soon, no more land will remain under the control of poverty territory.