1. Sheikh Hasina
2. Rejection of 2001 election result as fabricated.
3. Street movement from first day to topple the government and frequent swearing in, that the government is going to fall within the next
few weeks.
4. Failure to protest post election minority persecution in different districts.
5. Parliament boycott.
6. Hartal, after promising the nation in the previous year, when AL will be in the opposition there would be no hartal.
7. Abdul Jalil.
8. Bright upcoming new leadership like Saber, Noor.
9. Predictable old schoolers like Amu, Tofayel, Maya etc.
10. Sheikh Hasina verbose: BNP is doing all the bombing.
11. Failure to utilize the post 21st August national sentiment.
12. April 30th deadline.
13. Failure to lodge a strong protest of Kibria, Ahsanullah Master murder.
14. Sheikh Hasina: Restrained and carefully positive about Bangladesh while meeting foreign dignitaries, (I still remember a smiling
Hasina meeting Kuwaiti Emir and pleading funds for her country.)
15. Failed courtship with H M Ershad
16. Welcome step to impose an age limit on Chhatra league leadership.
17. Wild dancing about JMB, Bangla Bhai issue. Inconsistent and often conflicting stand on this issue.
18. Sheikh Hasina verbose: Take revenge on the sisters and wives of the bad policemen.
19. Return to parliament after absence of four years and bringing life back to parliamentary democracy.
20. Failing to budge BNP on any issues, taking a constitutionally weak caretaker government hostage for pressing forward its demands.