1. Gigantic 60 strong ministry.
2. Tareque Zia.
3. Failure to protect the minority during post election violence in different districts.
4. Killing of Ekushey TV.
5. Tareque Zia.
6. Removal and humiliation of Dr Badruddoza Chowdhury.
7. Syndicate.
8. Ruthless barbaric oppression on Bikalpa Dhara programs.
9. Tareque Zia.
10. Systemic BNPization of the government machinery.
11. Major Syed Iskander.
12. Rise of reckless Hawa Bhavan. Cricket and Tehari fun during oposition Gherao of Hawa Bhavan keeping all of Dhaka locked out.
13. Barkatullah Bhulu.
14. Ignoring warnings of Islamic militant threat and term them as creations of Media.
15. Violent, corrupt, uncontrollable unaccounted for police brutality on opposition.
16. Tareque Zia.
17. Laudable efforts by education state minister is eradicating cheating in public exams.
18. Shameless corruption in all public sectors.
19. Ruhul Kuddus Talukdar Dulu.
20. Blatant, unbelievable partisan mismanagement and abuse of national health sector.
21. Popular RAB, relative feeling of safety.
22. Tareque Zia.
23. Unforeseen failure in power sector under direct supervision of PMO.
24. Giasuddin -Al Mamun.
25. Failure in the basic job of a democratic Bangladesh government, keeping the essential prices under control.
26. Nasiruddin Pintu.
27. Successful extermination of JMB and Bangla Bhai.
28. Tareque Zia.
29. Chief Whip Delwar Hossain and his son and cafeteria rice.
30. Tareque Zia.
31. Destruction of national carrier Biman.
32. Captain Shameem Iskander.
33. A forgotten Zia.
34. Failed Tata deal.
35. Successful Rupali Bank deal.
36. Tareque Zia.
37. Major Syed Iskander.
38. “Allar Mal Allah Nichhe”: Air vice Marshall Altaf.
39. Corruption.
40. Load Shedding.