I wrote this blog yesterday, but didn’t publish as I didn’t want to sound too skeptical and speculative about every move by the government. Today this article in the Daily Star emboldens me and kind of details on what I intended to touch base with. So here the post is open to you.

In the face of power crisis, the state minister for power sector, Mr Talukdar, has been fired. This is the second firing in 4 months. Previous state minister Mr Mahmud was also fired. I don’t know what they expected him to do in four months.

Do any of us know who is the minister for power sector? This is our prime minister, Khaleda Zia.

Two state ministers have been fired, so govt has acknowledged that the responsibility and the problem lies withing the government. Otherwise they can’t fire a state minister without any fault.

And with continuing power problems, isn’t it the turn of the minister now? Who will fire the minister responsible for power crisis in Bangladesh?

I am not sure why this public service sector is managed by prime minister’s office rather than the ussual practice of being run by the secretariate. I am still surprised why the PMO, the two secretaries involved ( principle secretary and energy secretary) are so eager to remove any other person from the circle. Why not these secretaries are punished or fired?

PMO wanted to fire this state minister at least three months earlier, only one month at the job. Apparently he came out vocal against power sector corruption. I am again surprised why government is so swift in removing this minister. In the past minister’s have been transferred after a long delay.After failure after failure Minister ALtaf etc has not yet been fired! Why govt is so sensitive about power sector corruption issues? How two hawa Bhavan connected secretaries control the power ministry rather than a minister? Why Hawa Bhavan connected newspaper Jaijaidin uses substantial energy and space to trash the state minister of power who vowed to lead a crusade against corruption in power sector corruption?

Do anyone has the answer?