During the last five years current government has not allowed the opposition alliances to gain any upper hand anywhere. Main opposition party and even the 14 opposition party alliance programs were basically toothless in front of a combined effect of governments determined suppression and general lack of popularity.

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However the events during the last two nights in Dhaka streets have, for the first time, made government look helpless and out of ammunitions. The all powerful RAB, police equipped with newly imported riot gears, paramilitary Bangladesh Rifles were all deployed without much success in quelling the violent street protests. The vulnerability of the government machinery in front of people’s power was exposed.

Although, all what the protesters are doing are not endorsable, these protests are very timely reminder of people’s power.

And these protests are the real grading of governments job over the last five years. At the same time the people in the streets also show us that how an opposition, without people’s involvement and how the movements without the real issues are absolutely powerless and worthless.

Dhaka streets in last couple of days may have seen the ramification of the sins committed in a place called the “Hawa Bhavan” by a hollow headed prince and his evil cohorts.

I hope someday these same people will rise again with a more radical demand. The demand to free the country off the disconnected dynasty of two families.