I was touched by Asif Saleh’s recent piece in the daily Star about the two new generation leaders of Bangladesh Awami League. Undoubtedly very true and thoughtful observation and enough to make one very depressed.

Indeed a new bunch of leadership is developing in both BNP and Awami League. In Awami league case, Saber Hssain Chy, Asaduzzaman Noor, Sohail Taj, a bunch of Sheikh generations including Liton MP, Sk Selim’s sons and definitely Shajib Wajed Joy etc have brought a refreshing air in the politics. People liked their approach to different issues and their demeanor and public speak won them nationwide attention and respect.

On the other hand the hard line BNP has taken throughout this government is generally attributed to a bunch of newbie’s in BNP politics under the leadership of Khaleda Son Tareque. These less polite, occasionally very cunning and cruel and grossly corrupt new generation include Babar, Dulu, Alal, Swapon, Tripti, Mirza Abbas, Goyeswar Roy, Illias Ali, Haris Chy etc. They control hawa Bhavan and almost certainly the prime minister’s office too. Starting from last election, BNP is effectively controlled by these young turks.

And in fact, they, so far, won all the battle against Awami league, including the April 30th dateline and others. Awami League occasionally felt helpless in front of the ruthless tactics of new leadership of BNP especially when in a matter of a week four senior AL leaders were beaten mercilessly in public and made crippled for the time being.

And an irony of fate is that, this hawk younger generation of BNP follows the teachings of a school of older generation Awami League leaders which include Zalil, Amu, Nasim, Tofayel, Maya, Razzak, Sajeda, Motiya, Suranjit etc.

The older ” standing Committee”, gentlemen generation of BNP including B Chy, Saifur Rahman, Col Oli, Shamsul Islam, Moin Khan, Mannan Bhuiyan, MK Anwar etc were totally helpless in front of hawks like Tofayel, Nasim etc. during BNPs 91-96 rule.

There is a general appreciation that with some exceptions, BNP’s 91-96 rule was the most democratic and tolerant of Bangladesh governments and a failure of that government gave birth to these dark hawkish generation of Treque Zia and Haris Chowdhury. And the now helpless hawkish Awami League stalwarts have to take some responsibility for making the seniors of BNP a failure and letting the hawks take over BNP.

The future of Bangladesh democracy is in extreme danger at the hand of the hawks of both side.
To nurture the infant democracy, Bangladesh needs a BNP free of Tareque-Haris, and led by 91-96 like generation and an Awami League led by this new Saber Chy, Noor, Sohail Taj generation, not by the generation of Zalil, Amu or Tofayel. .