Islam took centuries to travel all the way to our part of the world and farther east. I hope the recent discussion about re-analyzing and reliving the teachings of Islam that also has started in Arabian peninsula will not take that long time to spread to Bangladesh. Here is video clip (via Rezwan) of Arab psychhologist Wafa Sultana debating different Islamic clerics.

This is heartening to see that Arab society and Arab TV are now accepting this sort of open remarks and discussion about Islam.

But our Bangladesh society still far from that open. It is incomprehensible that this sort of debate can go on in any Bangladesh TV channel.

I don’t understand why someone has to feel so insecure about Islam. Islam is a great philosophy and a major religion. Definitely it is very powerfully embedded in people’s mind and heart. What one poet/ author says, what question he/she asks should not be able to put a dent on people’s belief in Islam. The threats of fundamentalists to gag forcibly or kill everyone who tries to question some decree of Islam, only demean the power of Islam as a religion. The God’s religion, which has a strong follower should not fear one human being. Let people raise their questions, let them talk.

Despite being stabbed at the age of 82, Nobel lauret Naguib Mahfuz lived till the age of 94 before passing away yesterday. He was stabbed because his questions and frank approach while discussing religion Islam was not liked by Islamic fundamentalist.

This same fundamentalists recently threatened Writer Hasan Azizul haq to death. I hope he doesn’t have to endure what Naguib Mahfouz had to go through. I hope Hasan azizul Haq lives a productive literally life without fear.