BJP is one of the biggest political parties in India; it has ruled India until recently. There is no doubt that BJP will rule India again. So when the president of that party says something, it definitely has a value.

On August 12, BJP president Rajnath Singh demanded India should launch an attack to dismantle ‘terrorist hideouts inside Bangladesh’. He
made the remark in Panaji, Goa, also stating that ‘Bangladesh along with some other neighboring countries have virtually developed into a terrorist hub, causing grave danger to the security of India’.

[ This story is missing in progressive Bangladesh media. surprise! surprise!!]

Anyway, do the words terrorist hub ring some bell?

Recent Israeli attacks on Lebanon exemplify how a propaganda campaign and intelligent media manipulation can make the aggressor look like a victim. The language of the elites of the world and United Nations, always portrayed Israel as the victim and a war is forced on them.

The whole western world understood Israel’s right to defend herself.

I have a fear , the world will similarly ‘understand‘ this way, when there will be similar attacks on “terrorist Bases” in Bangladesh by another victim of terrorism, India.
In fact, after repeated news reports on this ‘terrorist hub’ issue, in different international dailies, latest one being in the influential Washington Post, the world will definitely understand the legitimacy of targeting Bangladesh in the war against terror.

And just try to remember that in the name of bombing and destroying terrorist Hezbollah hideouts, it was in fact the vital Lebanese infrastructures which were targeted.

I know majority of my readers and activist progressive friends will take this blog as another hatemongering, cheap and pathetic anti India blog.
I also feel so intimidated in publishing my thoughts about rising ultra nationalism in India that every time I write this I tend to put the following disclaimer at the end of my blog, ” I am not for hiding the Islamic fundamentalism problem in Bangladesh. Like may other countries like USA, UK, India, Pakistan, Indonesia,: Bangladesh is also occasional victim of extremism. I am also strongly in favor of stronger Indo-Bangla trade and cultural ties. I believe Bangladesh can benefit a lot by better links with India. And while we should remain vigilant against cheap political use of anti-India sentiments in Bangladesh, we also should never underestimate this rising tide of hatemongering nationalism in India. ”