We call it soccer here, while the world calls it football.
World’s biggest sporting festival, i.e the world cup football begins in a day. But there’s absolutely no buzz here in the sporting media. May be here and there are some public radio discussion why American’s are not into this global game.


However as I drive by, I still see kids playing football or soccer in soccer fields. Clad in bright addidas matching double layer jersy, shorts, Nike boots, socks, shin guards, head band, hand band, a bunch of little kids are trying to follow what the coaches are instructing. Yes, there are offensive coaches, defensive coaches.


They would only play on sunday morning. That’s how it is scheduled. Around the soccer fieilds, are a band of soccer mum and some conscious parents. The efficient secretaries made it a point to remind these parents about their daughter’s/son’s upcoming soccer match.


Yes American’s are rapidly coming up is soccer too. Kids, mostly girls are playing a lot of soccer in schools.


But what I don’t see is the passion. Missing very much is the life of this game. Never did I see a kid dribbling a football on the street or even on the driveway.


Regimented training will definitely make USA a top tier nation in soccer. Someday USA will be a contender for the top spots. But I am afraid game will be there, but the life of the game, the passion, will be lost.


And while the world get’s together, leaving behind all the conflict and war, USA can’t afford to remain aloof.