They are on strike again. Last month it was in Chittagong, this time the intern doctors of Sir Salimullah medical College Hospital, Dhaka has gone into wildcat strike imposing a reign of terror in the hospital. They refrained from serving poor and very sick patients, shut down the hospital forcibly by padlocking all the ward gates, vandalized different nursing stations to scare off the patients etc.


What they call demands and I call ” Blackmailing” the dependence of poor people oo public medical college hospitals, are raise in salary and reluctance to vacate nine rooms required for constructing a new dorm.


In todays newspaper report, the agitating doctors later forced out the patients and on-duty doctors at the outdoor section in the adjacent building and locked the section.


Similar strikes paralzed Chittagong medical College Hospital last month.

These strikes have become a fashion of the trainee physicians over the last couple of decades. If some graduating class does not organize a violent strike, they are deemed too girly a batch in the eys of their counter parts in different other medical colleges.

While resorting to this insane means of prank, anarchy, these new medicos forget the responsibility being bestowed upon them by the society. They also forget the contribution of these poor souls on their education. They also forget that they pay only 9 taka a year i.e. total of 45 taka ( 60 cents) in five years for their heavily subsidized medical diploma where a student in USA pays a hefty some of $120,000 from thier on pocket for the same diploma.


This is not the only anarchy the medical students/medical graduates do annually. Another trend among these fortunate class is to take the exam at their own collective will. They will never take the test as mandated by the college authorities or by the course curriculum. They will boycott exam, keep on postponing it, resulting in long session jams in medical colleges.

Father of medicine Hippocrates will turn in his grave if he is unfortunate enough to see his 21st century disciples have moved that far away from his oath.