They also work in the production line. But instead of producing shirts, sweaters, undergarments, hats, pants etc., these workers are busy producing educated human being. Most of them have more than twenty years experience in these production lines.

They are the teachers of non government schools in Bangladesh. For the last 11 years they have been demanding a raise in salary.
While standard salary of these teachers is Tk 2600 a month ( $35), some of them are paid as low as Tk 750 a month.
One such teacher Mahbubul Alam says,

“We used to get Tk 500 as monthly salary from the government in 1992. Now after 12 years, we get Tk 750 when prices of essentials have shot up tenfold since 1992,”

Employed to teach 10 lakh students across rural Bangladesh, they also do not get their salaries regularly whereas the education sector always gets the highest allocation in the national budget.

“We are given our salaries most of the time three months after the salary dates,”

said Hafizur Rahman, president of Bangladesh Community Primary Teachers Association.

A teacher’s salary even in the government primary school is less than of a driver in a government office. It is even lower in the registered non-government primary schools, reports Mr Manjoor Ahmed of BRAC university in an in-depth analysis.




These are pictures from last 3 years. This scene is repeating every year for the last 11 years.

They only want their salry to be equal to their government school counterparts, i.e. Tk 4000 a month.


The sad part is that nobody listens to them. Even as I write this blog, hundreds of teachers are in hunger strike. And these news was absent from most of Bangladesh news media. I could not find any nerws in the Daily Star, neither in Ittefaq or prothom Alo.

Rather than sticking to non violent means, should they start burning their schools, breaking public properties, cars, I am pretty sure they would have been very much in the radar screen of our media, our nation and definitely our bloggers.

As soon as you are violent, you are noticed, you are mourned, you are talked about and you are taken care of. People start deep analysis of your plight.

You follow Gandhi doctrin, remain within civilized means, don’t break the law, you are doomed, nobody will talk about you.