Our sick President was flown to Singapore for further treatment. One news told he was in coma, one news told he had chest pain. But there has been no clear press briefing from a medical person about the real conditions.

Last week Shafiur mentioned leader Saifuddin Ahmed manik was also in Singapore for treatemnt.

What a testimony to our healthcare system! Even our head of the state don’t have the trust in our healthcare systemhas and travel to foreign land for for an emergency critical treatment.

Our prime minister goes to Saudi Arabia for her knee treatment.

Our opposition leader goes to Singapore for treatment of her ear injury.

And every hour, hundreds of thousands of people die in Bangladesh with diseases which were easily preventable.

Recently I wrote a post about the remedy of our politicians power lust.

One remedy was to bar government leadership and politicians, law makers from going abroad for treatment.

That will help im multiprong way.

1. One our leadership will be sincere in cleaning the mess in healthcare sector in Bangladesh.
2. Leadership positions hopefully will be less tempting
3. According to good old friend rafiq ahmed, it will help in this way, ” Actually another net benefit of barring medical treatment abroad, or forcing treatment at home, is to allow government officials to die natural deaths, therby cleansing the system a little at a time. I like this one.”.