News: After 4 and half years of corruption and utter failuire, our state minister for power is finally punished, –He has been transferred as state minister for agriculture.

We need Mr Donal Trump to join the government of Bangladesh as the ‘minister of firing. While the ministry of hiring has always been supervised by our crown prince His highness Tareq Zia, in the backdrop of repeated failure of our prime minister Khaleda Zia to pronounce the word, ” You Are Fired”, the addition of Mr Trump as the minister of Firing of the governmnet of Bangladesh will definitely embolden the government functioning and enhance the image of Bangladesh.

You're Fired

The popular TV realty show Apprentice host Donald Trump has become famous for his tardemark words, ” You’re Fired“. With his long experinece in firing, Mr Trump will sure bring dynamism in the day to day business of Bangladesh Government.


Otherwise, our governmnet will have to open another ministry and hire another minister to take care of the ‘Jobless officeless ‘ ministers– the ministry of transferred ministers.