They are up for finding a killer of Nasreen Haq. The driver ‘beta’ must be the crook, so remand him, beat him up ad nauseam until he say, “OK Ok I did it, now please stop the torture.”

And while we wait for him to “confess”, we miss or we forget about the real killer, the real criminal. That is our non existent trauma system.

Nasreen died of a low speed car impact on her thigh. Her femoral artery was injured. People don’t die of this injury. How can I make it more dramatic, what a shame it is on our healthcare system! Even someone of that VIP status, in the heart of Dhaka, with that quick transport to hospital can’t expect to live after this moderate limb injury. Then what we have left of trauma system in Bangladesh?

And we talk of being well prepared for bird flu. Huh!

Mr SAMS Kibria died of minor splinter injury in his leg too.

A roadside high school graduate paramedic in USA is capable of handling the injuries that killed Nasreen or Kibria. And we? We keep sending the patients from here to there. Nobody has the slightest sense of urgency in emergency management. What a shame! What a shame!! Oh our great doctors!!!!!

When 21st august bomb injures Ivy Rahman and others, we only had rickshaw vans moving crumbled bodies.

We must use the most advanced cell phone Motorola V RAZR, we drive Lexus and Hummer, we are active bloggers, not lacking behind in any other sector, but are still in Rickshaw van age in dealing with our sick. We don’t have a national ambulance system.

With our ever unsafe roads and highways, unruly rampant drivers, lack of law enforcement, blatant disregard for life, nobody in the country is immune form a traffic accident injury.

You are rich, powerful, you go to Singapore, Bangkok, India for tooth extraction, stomach aches, but what will you do if your car got hit by a bus near Feni on Dhaka Chittagong highway? You need a timely intervention to be able to see the sunrise of the following day. You, then, don’t have the time to fly to Bangkok or even go to Apollo.