A front page news in todays Daily Star, ” No dialogue with war criminals: Joy” .

I have no roblem with it. This statement definitely makes sense. But, wait a minute, may I ask who are you? Did you replace Abdul Zalil as the spokesperson of 14 party alliance? Do you hold any leadership post in Awami league or any of other alliance parties? In what capacity did you make that statement on behalf of 14 party alliance?

Joy, how much you know of Bangladesh? How many years of your life you spent in Bangladesh? Did you do your primary/elementary school in Bangladesh? No. That was in Noinital, India. Did you do high school/college in Bangladesh, No. Where did you do your undergrad studies? In USA.

Now with your BS degree from a mediocre college in US, you are a salaried employee of a small US company. And once a while you take 12 days vacation from job and your american wife, go back to Bangladesh. There you make policy making statements and even give key note speech in national ICT conference. Am I missing something here? May I know what is your qualification to be the key note speaker in ICT conference?

Then you want to do politics in BD. Good. I have no problem with it. People may accept you as the grandson of Bangabandhu. But the precondition is that you have to bring a change in the politics of hatred, distrust and inefficiency.

So far in your speeches, I didn’t see anything but partisan hate mongering rhetoric aginst BNP.

Let me give you a secret, Bangladesh is not what your mom always says. People tend to take your mother’s words with a grain of salt. So before making your next speeches, please listen to people outside your mom’s home.

And lastly, we need honesty in our politics. You just gave a key note speech in an ICT session. Do you believe you are qualified for being the key note speaker? Is it honesty Joy?