People voted our current government to power with unprecedented parliamentary maority. People’s verdict was loud and clear. They wanted to get rid of a political leader called Sheikh Hasina.

Now lets see how this popularly elected goverment did.

Ideally, if you are a cautious analyst, you would expect, at the end of four and half years, at least least half of the electoral plaedges are fulfilled or half way fulfilled. And they have strong excuse to show for the unfulfilled pledges.

But what is the reality on the ground?

The truth is that , BNP goverment has failed miserably in each and every sector of governence.

1. Finance Minister has failed to keep the accounting healthy. Inflation rate is record high. One $ is 72 taka. Banks have no cash. No major change/developement has been made in public and private banking sectors. To help the newly rich handle the black money a lot of new 3r and 4th generation private banks have mushroomed.
2. Commerce sector is an utter failure. Rule number one in governing Bangladesh is that you have to keep the prices of essential food item, like rice, onion, dal etc stable. This government even failed horribly in this basic tenat of governing.
3. Foreign ministry was in hibernation all these years. There have been shameful failure in each step. OIC slapped up, WTO kicked us, Bangladesh has been successfully presented by India as a islamist militant country in front of the rest of the world.
4. Law ministry couldn’t seperate the judiciary. Moudud Shahib kept on twisting the words.
5. Roads transport sector didn’t see anything but corruption. No new highway, no new bridge was conceived.
6. TNT sector didn’t see any developement but price hikes and new tarriffs and taxes.
7. TV remained the servent to the rulers. And now all ruling BNP leaders came up with their own TV channels.
8. Health sector is in shambles.
9. Law enforcement agnecies failed, indulged in crimes and gave up on their job. Domestic law enforcement was reassigned to RAB, an offshoot of defence forces. A junior newbee state minister ran this ministry while 3 dozens of senior leadership enjoyed ministerial perks without really doing any good job.
10 Electricity, power, water supply have hit all time low. Goverment failed to ensure basic civil amenities.

……Many many more. You name it and I can tell that goverment is dead failure in that sector too.

Corruption, nepotism, violence reached it’s peak in history of Bangladesh. Morality, honesty, integrity is in it’s lowest point in Bangladesh.

This government has no moral, legal or logical right to continue governing Bangladesh after the next elections.