If an empty lot of land in Banani, Dhaka represents Bangladesh, then this lakeside land required a park, a place for people to breath some fresh air, and see some greenery.

Rather what the rulers did with this land symbolizing Bangladesh? They divided this Bangladesh into 100 pieces and distributed it among themselves almost for free. In fact, of the 100 pieces Bangladesh, or 100 plots of 5 katha lands, BNP inisters, MPs, leaders and their relatives got 94 plots. Of the rest six, two went to Jamaat leaders, one to a JP leader, one to an AL MP and two plots were kept for two friendly judges.

No protocol, rule or procedure was followed in this distribution. Rulers simply sat together and decided to take Bangladesh, divide and add these grabbed pieces Bangladesh to their already fabulous personal wealth.

While stealin the land, they also broke another law as they grabbed part of Banani lake. i.e. They simply did a “pukur Churi”. The law they broke, the water body protection act was, in fact, established by this same government. So law does not apply when rulers themselves are involved.


Shame on our greedy dishonest politicians.