Mr Lutfor Rahman’s wife left him, 20 years after marriage, to marry another German-American man. They had three teenage kids. They lived in Long Island, NY all the twenty year of marriage.
Several years later, last summer, Mr Rahman met his ex wife in the high school graduation ceremony of their son. She was accompanied by her new husband.
Following the graduation ceremony, Mr Rahman followed his ex wife and her husband with his GMC Yukon. He followed them all the way to her house in Roslyn, LI, NY, waited silently outside in the dark to let the chidren and the mother to enter the house. Then, as her German husband came out last, Mr Lutfor, with uninhibited rage, drove over in full speed. He crushed the german american man, drove over him again and again. Seven times as later reported.

Miraculously, the german american husband survives. But loses both the legs, spine, totally paralyzed. Bed ridden, feeding with feeding tube.

And almost one year after that incident, Mr Rahman, a pharmacist, out in bail, kills himself last week by jumping under a subway.

Does love, one sided, gives one the right to possess the other?