Here is my 10 point proposal that will make politicians/government officials less desperate to stick to power and make the opposition less greedy to return to power. Poeple with mostly ideological interst and those who want to serve and make a change will only be interested in taking the job of governing Bangladesh.

1. No government housing ( No more minto road) for ministers, state and deputy ministers and advisers. ( Rent the Minto road houses to interntional hotel compaies, guest house operators. ).
2. No flag car and no governmnet provded transport except Prime minister, Chief Justice, Opposition leader, speaker.
3. Mandating the ministers and speakers to use public transport for travelling between Dhaka and constituency.
4. Bar the government and elected officials from travelling to foeign lands for treatment except the conditions which are absolutely not treatable in Bangladesh.
5. Put a term limitof on the position of prime Minister. My take on it is to make it a max of two.
6. Make it a rule, no family member of a prime minister can replace him/her. May need to wait at least one to two term before doing so. Same rule should apply for MPs, no relative/family member can contest from the same constituency for at least two terms.
7. Prime Minster and opposition leader must have a monthly open press conferece that would be telecast live.
8. There must be pre election and midterm debates directly between the prime minister and the oppisition leader.
9. There would be only one official residence cum office for prime minister. Similar accomodation/office must also be arranged for the leader of opposition. There must not be any government supply for food service, cook in these accomodations and any other government installations. All officials, starting from prime minister will have to do/arrange their own grocery shopping and cooking. They may hire cooks on their own, but not through government.
10. All the circuit houses, Dak banglows, governments rest houses must cease to exist. These all should be sold/rented to hotel operators. Officials, politicians using these accomodation may later get reimbursed from specific departments provided the trips non-political public interest have been justified.