These two posts by russoue says it all.

While we keep focused on pseudo-shames, this is no doubt a real formidable national shame.

You need to be a who’s who in Bangladesh to get into national olympic team ( Commonwealth games in this case).

One national team player fleeing the village to stay illegally and one caught for sexual assault! Bravo, great medals you are bringing for Bangladesh!

Then in the television we see two groups of girls in a upscale capital city college are involved in ugly fighting, one lying over the other, pulling each others clothes, hair.
Dirty! Ugly!

You see father and son are killed and bodies are cut in 300 plus pieces and thrown in different parts of Dhaka. Only because these father and son refused to budge to extortionist. Horrible! Horrible!

What is at stake here?

In the line is our national honesty, our moral integrity. And in the line is our existence.

We can keep on reciting jamaat, jamaat, jamaat day, night, awake, sleep; but we are really doing them a favor by letting the nation loose it’s moral ground. Like taliban came to power in Afghanistan utilizing the dacaying national infrastructure, a morally decomposed nation is the best breeding ground for jamaat to grow.

Stand up. Fight the real enemy.

Beaware friends. Don’t miss the forest for the tree.