This daily star article talks about the less known but more significant side of a legend. The legend is Azam khan. Without any reservation I call Azam Khan the father of popular rock culture in Bengal.

Azam Khan

Although Azam Khan started his career in the 60s, he left music in 1971 to take up arms and fight guerilla war at Dhaka.
Soon after our War of Liberation in 1971, Azam Khan, soon to become a legend in the rock scene, with his band, Uchharon and the Akhand Brothers (Lucky and Happy) created the hype in the music industry with their straight-down-the-line magnetic songs around early and late 70’s……Azam Khan the imaginative composer, the inspired musician and lanky bearded lyricist ignited something that caught the attention of plenty of listeners. His songs had a pathos never before heard with such uninhibited emotion. Obhimani, Ashi Ashi, Highcourt er Majare, Ami Jare Chaire, Orey Saleka, Jibone Kichu Pabona Re and many more of his outstanding compositions became instant hits. Even today, these songs are the ones that still keep the audiences on their toes.
Azam Khan is known as a guru amongst the rock ‘n rollers of the country for his contribution to band music in Bangladesh.

However, many of us have little idea about his heroic deeds during our Liberation War in 1971. He is one of the few cultural activists who had taken part in the front line war against the Pakistani Army.

A section Commander of the guerilla troop, Azam Khan led the guerilla fighters in Jatrabari-Gulshan belt. Azam Khan details his operations in the above mentioned daily Star Interview..

Bangladesh rock music history can never be written without Azam Khan occupying the most prominant position. His life in fact characterizes the turbulant evolution of bangla rock.