Bangladesh prime Minister is visiting India. And a lot of roaring is coming out of Indian media quarters on how to give a good lashing to the visiting premier.

This calcutta Telegragh editorial predicts that Bangladesh prime Minister is expected to get some good lashing from her Indian counterpart. This editorial goes on saying, ” Bangladesh Prime Minister Khaleda Zia is likely to encounter some plain-speaking when she arrives in India on March 20 for a three-day state visit……After fighting Pakistan-sponsored terrorism with US help, India is now determined to slam the brakes on terrorism out of Bangladesh and will mince no words during meetings with Khaleda, a home ministry official said. ”

Over the last years, a portion of Indian media has been busy promoting Bangladesh as the bottom of all hell. In this pursuit, India had generous help from some western media.

This frontpage magazine article The Threat of Bangladesh starts like this “..Recent developments in Bangladesh have been of increasing concern to India — and for good reason…”

Another prominent Indian Media outlet put’s it this way,

Bangladesh crackdown on terrorism is a farce

“Bangladesh is paying lip service to fighting terrorism ahead of Prime Minister Begum Khaleda Zia’s visit to India next week, arresting two Islamist leaders it earlier allowed to operate with impunity….”

Now it has turned into a fashion to blame Bangladesh for anything bad that happens in India, like this article blaming Bangladesh for Varanshi incident. It says “..The presence of a wide range of terror affiliates, some with organic links to Al-Qaida, in Bangladesh has been an object of intense external intelligence gathering operations. Militants of Afghan, Chechen and Pakistani origin are believed to be operating from hundreds of camps.”

And while our prime Minister listens to all these bashing, complains, she should respond.

In her response she should mention of a more serious threat, coming out of India through it’s border into Bangladesh.

She should remind India that rather than spending money in rocket, nuclear science, and not pretending to be world’s most advanced country, India should focus a bit more into some basic issues.

She shoukld tell that ..”Only 4 countries are still polio-endemic – : Nigeria, India, Pakistan and Afghanistan. ” This deadly polio virus is more dangerous than any possble terrorism.

Bangladesh is a succes story in immunization campaign agaist different deadly diseases. Polio was eradicated six years ago. But as India ( While focused on showcasing herself as world’s super power, did a poor job eradicating Polio; and this polio is spreading Back to Bangladesh.

Seattle Post Intelligencer reports,
” Bangladesh confirmed on Friday the country’s first case of polio in nearly six years, prompting plans to resume mass vaccinations against the crippling disease next month….Samples confirmed the type of polio that infected the girl was genetically similar to the virus circulating in India.”

She should also mention that, “While Bangladesh so far has extreme low prevelance of AIDS/HIV, it is in increasing danger of an HIV pandemic thanks to uncontrolled spread out of bordering India.” She should assert that, ” Globally India is second only to South Africa in terms of the overall number of people living with HIV.” She should warn her Indian couter part that “A 2002 report by the CIA’s National Intelligence Council predicted 20 million to 25 million AIDS cases in India by 2010, more than any other country in the world”.

While India media keep on reciting Bangladesh as the desperately poor terrorist country in the world, Bangladesh Prime Minister should state these facts before Indian people,

Sumita Kale in business standard emphasizes this point…”Over the past 15 years, India reduced its infant mortality rate from 84 to 62 per 1,000, even as Bangladesh’s achievement was from 100 to 56 over the same period”

She should further say that, ” 95 per cent of infants in Bangladesh are
vaccinated against tuberculosis, and 77 per cent are vaccinated against
measles. The corresponding figures in India are only 81 per cent and 67
per cent, respectively.
Similarly, 97 per cent of the population in Bangladesh have access to an
‘improved water source’, compared with 84 per cent in India; and 48 per
cent of Bangladeshis have access to ‘improved sanitation,’ compared with
28 per cent of Indians.”

She should also mention that, ” the maternal mortality rate is much higher in India
than in Bangladesh: 540 and 380 per 100,000 live births, respectively.
Contraceptive prevalence, for its part, is higher in Bangladesh than in
Bangladesh appears to be closer to universal primary
education than India: it has achieved a “net primary enrolment ratio” of
87 per cent, higher than India’s 83 per cent. ”

She should emphasize that the so called Islamist terrorist Bangladesh ” has eliminated the gender bias in primary education, in sharp contrast with India where school participation rates continue to be much higher
for boys than for girls. Other gender-related indicators also put
Bangladesh in a relatively favourable light, compared with India:
Bangladesh, for instance, has a higher female-male ratio and much higher
rates of female labour force participation.”