It was crushing defeat, one after another. They lost 0-6 and 0-10 to teams from Kazhakystans and India.

They are the women’s football team of Bangladesh, participating in their first ever tournament and the first international tour.

However despite these crushing defeats, at the end of the tournament, the face of each of the Bangladeshi players glowed like the victorious.

Indeed it was a victory for bangladesh women booters. They came out of typical women’s indoor sports, stepped into traditionally men’s arena, and now they have just finished their first international fixture.

It was history of sorts for the Bangladesh under-19 women’s football team as they made their way through the tunnel. It was the first time they were competing in any junior tournament in football. So much so that, most of the players who are part of the squad though are sportswomen, have never played football.

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This story, as ancipated, was missing from Bangladeshi Blogosphere. However it would have been all over the blog if this trip had been cancelled by governmnet, or some zealots issues some threat, or something bad happened with it etc.

Fairness While Blogging, is it too much to ask?