Last year I saw crow while driving through remote, wild lush green upper peninsula of Michigan. The site of crows made me a little nostalgic. During my childhood and boyhood days, crows were the only companion during those slow “everybody napping” afternoon hours. ” Ka Ka Ka” by a crow used to part of Bangladesh sound landscape. Most amazing scene were those late evening gatherings of thousands of crows gethered from all over the places. I still don’t know why they had those occassional large gtherings. Similar scenerio developed if a crow died anywhere. Thousands of crows from all sorrounding neighborhood will crowd with continuos ” ka Ka Ka..’

You don’t see as many crows in Dhaka anymore. Espeially those lazy afternoon are no longer filled by noisy crows.

The pictuture of this crow couple was taken last winter from a roof of house in Dhanmondi, Dhaka.
Crow Couple

In my boyhood, ( Not too long ago, by the way) I, with a bunch of mates, used to walk to school!!!!! Can you imagine with current day Dhaka lifestyle, walking to school? And on my way , there was a palm tree and hanging from it, dozens of weaver nests, ( Babui Pakhir Basha). During my last several visits, I looked hard, but couldn’t trace a babui pakhir basha anywhere in Dhaka. Probably this generation grew up without having look at a single babui pakhir basha in the lifetime.

Babui Pakhir Basha

Bangladesh is changing. For Good or bad.