Let’s imagine a hypothetical situation.

The Australian company taking care of some of the technical and managerial activities of several airports and ports in USA are outsourced to a South African company. Several days later, the news came out and it raised a big hue and cry in the US political world. Politicians around the isle, commentators, talk show hosts started delivering fiery statements, sermons, allegations and vows. Impossible. It won’t be allowed to happen.

Why it won’t be allowed to happen? It is unsafe for national security. After all south africa is an african country.

And african americans are responsible for majority of the crimes, murders in USA. And as african americans are involved in most of crimes in USA, an african company taking over US ports from an australian company will not be tolerated.


Yes it sounds quite impossible for current US standard.
It sounds very ugly too. It sounds unfair for an african country. And unfair for African americans too. It sound illogical.

And I believe the majority of African American are law abiding, family oriented, hard-working honest people. They don’t deserve to be stigmatized as race of criminals as a handful of this community resort to all sort of violence. Plus there may be reason that a portion of african americans are breaking the laws.

Anyway, surprisingly ( ?) , it does not al all sound ugly, unjust or unfair when the african american word is replaced with the word ” Arab” or ‘South Arica’ is replaced with ‘Dubai’. Rather it is the way to go now. It is politically prudent for the politicians to make an angry speech against the US port-Arab deal.