Because our gobu montri came up with a statement of a “new dimension in terror attacks”, the ‘shepai santree’ of the gobu montree are out to somehow have Jadab Das and family put on the “shul ” at any cost.

Yadav Controversy; His father, brother still in custody; Cops give contradictory statements.
The superintendent of police (SP) of Netrakona and an officer-in-charge (OC) have given contradictory statements about picking up the father and brother of Yadav Das after they had spent over 36 hours in police custody.
The town was rife with rumours yesterday that police are pressing them to admit Yadab embraced Islam to substantiate the claim of the state minister for home that he was a suicide bomber.

Another example how inept and irresponsible our government is. Does our home minister understand what the implications of his comments are when he impulsively says something without really investigating it, double checking it.
Shame on us, shame on the people of Bangladesh. This sort of irresponsible inefficient people can reach the top leadership in our country.