1. My main fear, bombing will not simply keep on going, it will rapidly become more devastating. The pattern of recent attacks clearly depicts a picture of improving sophistication and lethality of the attacks. Today in Netrokona, first bomb attracted law enforcement people and then the suicide bomber did his job when many people gathered. An eerie resemblance of recent Iraq bombings.

2. Strong political will is needed to work together and make a concerted effort to quell the attacks. Awami League and supporters will strongly resist any sort of unified movement as long as their main focus remains the short political gain against BNP and Jamaat in the aftermath of these bombings.

3. BNP and AL both are to blame for the current rise of fundamentalism. After last Udichi blast, AL preferred to use the matter more for political gain than looking for the real culprits. Now it is getting increasingly clear that JMB and gong were involved in all those bombings, but AL charge sheeted their local political opponent, Toriqul Islam. Toriqul Islam, a very senior BNP leader, who is from a leftist political background and known to be an alcoholic, is highly unlikely to belong to any pro Islamic fundamentalist fraction in BNP.

4. I feel that a powerful section of our media is sort of resorting to the same strategy, i.e. the strategy of using this national calamity for their own agenda. To the progressive and secular forces, Jamaat is probably the enemy number one, I don’t disagree. However these bombings are, most likely not done by Jamaat. Along with government, they are probably the most disadvantageous situation at this time. But I see that our media, are seriously trying to relate every single militant with jamaat, by any means. Silly and ridiculous stretching came in news reports, like, Militants uncle’s wife’s brother in law’s friend was a jamaat supporter, or militant himself used to be a jamaat supporter etc. This sort of journalism is not good journalism. However, what sounds more alarming to me is to the trend promote or sympathize with Islamic fundamentalists like Amini or Mufti Wakkas only to have them say something against jamaat. These entities, Amini, Wakkas etc are, by all means, closer to the madrassa based militant Islam in Bangladesh than anybody else. Sometimes, I feel they are representative of the political wing of JMB, JMJB etc. I believe a well thought plan of action against these militant Islamic outfits and a successful eradication will create an environmnet in the country that will eventually help the secular forces device a strategy to challenge Jamaat politics.

5. One suicide bomber (Or a victim?) of today’s attack at Netrokona was identified by locals as Jadab Biswas, visibly a Hindu name. While I suspect foulplay in government’s intensified efforts to bring a new dimension to the militancy, I hope it does not divert are national attention from JMB/JMJB.

– Rumi