I returned from Bangladesh last week. I was updating myself with all the messages of the last month. I feel the flurry of emotion regarding Humayun Azad incident.
Friends, are we missing the forest while searching for the tree?
1. The day H Azad was attacked; two of my friends were mugged. Both of them dare not bring their car as they planned to spend the evening with me in boi mela. One of them is still in bed because he was temporarily blinded by rubbing of some chemical in the eye by the muggers. The taxi cab driver teamed up with the muggers, so he didn’t want the victim to see the car number plate. Other friend was stopped near Shahbag, robbed on gun point. ___ two separate incidents, same day, involving two of four of us.
2. The infrastructure of this country, including all aspects, moral, legal, law enforcement, cultural— are in shambles.
3. DU teachers are not taking classes in DU because some one assaulted Azad. They are enjoying all the benefits of DU, including housing, salary, but not doing the job they are supposed to do. At the same time they are not boycotting the classes they take in private universities. Who will be looser at the end? Why punish students for some one else’s crime? Why use the students? Why push them to be used as a pawn in the game of power politics?
4. We, the liberals are hell-bent in punishing Jamat/shibir for this crime. Government on the other hand is confident that AL did it. Reminds me of Rashed khan Menon stab incident, same blame game! same CMH!
5. Nero fiddles while Rome burns.
6. We, romantic liberals make the loudest hue and cry for one Humayun Azad, but nobody notices when my whole country is being chopped mercilessly, all over her body, again and again.
7. I saw the same “student power” when police lathi-charged a group DU dorm girls. But alas!! Nobody comes to street when dozens of garment working girls burn alive each year while escaping inferno in their faulty designed factory.
8. Just yesterday I read in prothom_alo, 50 mothers are dying every day, while giving birth. Maternal mortality Rate is the most sensitive indicator of a nations well being. Despite all efforts, Bangladesh is still near the bottom of the list.
9. Our politicians are focused on power clinging or grabbing, liberals are focused on Humayun Azad and poor students are dancing on the streets when they are told to do so.
10. Continent Africa is getting deserted with the curse of this century, the AIDS epidemic. Bangladesh is silently inching closer to that curse. “With the number of injecting drug users (IDUs) more than doubling in 2002, Bangladesh is now just one percent short of becoming a country with HIV epidemic among IDUs,” http://www.thedailystar.net/2004/03/11/d40311060160.htm
11. I believe, not the Humayun Azad mancha, a more important mancha need to be built in DU campus, it could be AIDS mancha, it could me anti-terror/anti-corruption or even an anti-strike mancha.